The Spring Kings Difference

The Spring Kings Difference

A garage door company that cares

Spring Kings Garage Doors of Loveland & Fort Collins, CO does all types of repairs and installations related to garage doors, but we really pride ourselves in our Garage Door Spring Change Services.

What most garage door companies won't take the time to explain to their customers is that all garage doors have different weights, some are light, some are heavy, and some are really heavy! The weight of your garage door, the height of your garage door, and the circumference of the drums responsible for the winding of the lifting cable are all factors that come into play when choosing springs for your garage door.

An incorrect spring size wound too tightly to compensate for a heavy door will dramatically decrease the life of your garage door opener and the springs won't reach their expected full life cycle-causing you to do more frequent spring changes and have more issues related to your garage door opener.

Don't worry though, with the Spring Kings you are in good hands. We weigh your garage door, and do the calculations to find out exactly what torque ratio is required to lift your garage door safely and keep it on the tracks. Our minimum standard requirement for garage door springs that we install on your door will be rated for 10,000 cycles, but most of the time we are installing high-cycle springs that are good for 15-25,000 cycles.

The Spring King's Difference is not only getting the job done, but getting it done the right way. Providing longevity to your system and safety to your home.