My Garage Is Freezing!

My Garage Is Freezing!

Loveland & Fort Collins, CO

Living in the Loveland and Fort Collins, CO area we all know the feeling of walking out of our warm house into our cold garage and getting into our even colder vehicle before driving off to work. Believe it or not, Spring Kings Garage Doors have some tricks up our sleeves to help keep those cold temperatures outside.

Many garage doors in the Fort Collins and Loveland, CO area are relatively new as many of our homes are built within the last five years or so. New homes are often the ones that need to be tuned up the most. With garage doors that are installed very quickly by the builders, it is common that the garage door is not adjusted to fit tightly against the wall on the inside of the garage. We see it more often than not. This is considered a quick garage door repair and can make a substantial difference!

Older homes have generally had this adjustment made at some point down the road by a garage door technician but tend to have a different issue letting cold weather in! Most of the time when we see older garage doors, they still have the original rubber gasket surrounding the outside of the garage door on the sides and tops, and sometimes no gasket at all! Our garage door company can replace these weather seal strips for customers and you should notice an extreme difference.

Spring Kings Garage Doors is here to save you from having to put on your parka before going out to your garage. Call us at 970-966-4687 and schedule a time for us to help you have a better seal between the winter weather and your garage.