Garage Door Springs & Winter Weather in the Loveland and Fort Collins, CO area

As we all have begun to notice; winter along the Front Range has been steadily creeping towards us. Overnight temperatures in Fort Collins are beginning to dip below freezing. Looking to the West we can see snow on top of Longs Peak, Mt Meeker and other mountains. The Ski Hills along I-70 are beginning to open up, Trail Ridge Road is closing down, and everyone is getting excited to get out there and play in the snow.

What many people do not realize is that as the temperatures fluctuate between sunny hot days and overnight freezing low temperatures, your garage door springs are feeling the impact of these temperature swings. Quick temperature changes in your garage cause semi-rapid expansion and contraction of the steel springs used to lift your door, and oftentimes this can push them over the edge of their expected life cycle.

When you are purchasing your lift ticket, be it the Ikon Pass or the Epic Pass, it may be wise to budget for some preemptive maintenance to your garage door. There is nothing worse than waking up at 5AM with a loaded car ready to head to the mountains for a fun day of shredding and not being able to get your vehicle out of the garage due to a broken garage door spring. Our reliable and experienced garage door company provides garage services across the area including:

Garage door repair
Garage door maintenance
Garage door installation

If you do not get a chance to schedule an appointment for preventative garage door maintenance don't worry! Our garage door company offers same day repair and we are here to help.

Call Spring Kings of Loveland, CO to get your garage door fixed quickly and in one trip so you can get back to your adventure in the mountains!